Entry Date: 26.05.2020, at 18:13:05 hrs (local)

Whangarei - Whangarei

Reunion with friends


PRID: 11918
LegID: 324
LegNo: 72
Latitude: S035°50.74'
Longitude: E174°24.00'
Day#: 934
Log (Total): 51195 nm
New Zealand has released its strong measures to fight the Corona pandemic and reduced the national alert level from 4 to 2. This means contacts with friends and family are allowed for up to 10 people, companies are  working back to normal shifts and shops and restaurants as wells as schools are open again with some extra precautions.

We are happy to see our friends Dan and Jilly from SV Dazzler again and use the opportunity to have a delicious dinner at our favorable Thai Chefs restaurant.