Entry Date: 17.07.2019, at 19:44:43 hrs (local)

Vuda Marina - Denerau Marina

Culture in Nanuya Island Resort


PRID: 11783
LegID: 319
LegNo: 67
Latitude: S016°56.58'
Longitude: E177°22.08'
Day#: 908
Log (Day): 13 nm
Log (Leg): 126 nm
Log (Total): 49307 nm
We have left Yasawa Island and anchor today in the famous ”Blue Lagoon”. A movie with the same name was made here in 1980. Several islands surround the lagoon. Hotel-resorts and many reefs and spots for snorkeling and scuba diving make this area a tourist attraction.

Today we celebrate half time with Tom and have a reservation for the buffet dinner at Nanuya Boathouse Resort. It is a beautiful place, the stuff is very friendly and the food excellent. The buffet comes with a little show. Young Fijian women and men perform Polynesian dances. The girls are shaking their hips in high speed together with gentle elegant movements of their arms and hands. Tom and Lutz make very big eyes and also Gabi enjoys the show very much.