Entry Date: 22.09.2018, at 12:00:00 hrs (local)

Neiafu - Nuku´alofa

A missing Day


PRID: 11616
LegID: 313
LegNo: 62
Latitude: S018°39.89'
Longitude: W173°58.98'
Day#: 801
Log (Day): 3 nm
Log (Leg): 3 nm
Log (Total): 45783 nm
”There is a day missing!” Gabi scratches her head while keeping our logbook.

It is good that no one of us has birthday on September 20 since that birthday would not have happened at all. Coming from Niue we are in the time zone UTC-11 hours. Here in Tonga the time zone is UTC+13 hours. The September 20, 2018 never happened on board of SuAn.

Here at the International Date Line things can become sometimes a little complicated and Yesterday and Tomorrow might be the same.

The islands Tonga and Samoa are about one hour by airplane apart. When you are in Tonga on a Friday, than it is yesterday, Thursday on Niue. So, this provides an opportunity for everyone who would like to celebrate his or her birthday twice: Start to celebrate the birthday in Tonga and than fly over to Niue. There you can celebrate your birthday the next day again.