Entry Date: 07.05.2018, at 15:38:00 hrs (local)

Marquesas, Ua Pou - Tuamotos, Raroia



PRID: 11493
LegID: 310
LegNo: 59
Latitude: S011°48.20'
Longitude: W140°40.55'
Day#: 743
Course: 200 °
Speed: 6.1 kn
Log (Day): 166 nm
Log (Leg): 166 nm
Log (Total): 43219 nm
Days sailing: 2
Covered distance: 90 nautical miles
Distance to Raroia Atoll: 340 nautical miles
Weather: 12-24 E-wind, 6 feet waves, lots of squalls
Mood of the crew: optimistic

It seems we have entered the Squall-Autobahn again. Actually we have wonderful sailing weather if we would not constantly encounter bigger and smaller squalls. We are in a constant process of reefing the sails in and out.

This is nither dramatic nor real dangerous but it is definitely no fun.