Entry Date: 23.10.2016, at 11:17:10 hrs (local)

Dutch Harbor - Seward

SuAn is hibernating


PRID: 11196
LegID: 293
LegNo: 50
Latitude: N060°07.12'
Longitude: W149°25.84'
Day#: 589
Log (Leg): 1397 nm
Log (Total): 34594 nm
Hibernation is a state of inactivity and metabolic depression. Hibernation refers to a season of low body temperature and low metabolic rate. Also bears in Alaska hibernate up to seven month to conserve energy during the winter period when sufficient food is unavailable.

Similar to the bears, SuAn is hibernating. Her body temperature follows exactly the outside temperature. All her metabolic processes are reduced to zero. Body fluids are chemically changed in to a state where they cannot freeze. Since she could not find a cave big enough, she needs to be happy with a tailor made tent made from shrinking rap.

The crew follows rather the pattern of migrating birds and is flown back to their winter quarters in Germany.